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Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)

                         50%                  32%                  20%                  5%

All our films come in these four shades of black.

Vehical's interior and size of windows may darken or lighten the appearance of the film.

Quality you can Trust

When it comes to our reputation it matters. That's why every job done has to meet our golden standard. When you come into our shop for window tint expect only the best. All our films come with a warranty that covers any bubbling, fading, peeling, and change of color that may occur to the film over time. We pride ourselves in our work and in order to ensure you're satisfied with our job we hand cut every window and don't leave any visible space on the glass untinted, from top to bottom and side to side. The windows are completely wiped down clean in order to prevent any dirt particles from sticking inbetween the window and the film. We've been in the business for well over twenty years and there's no glass window we can't tint.

What NOT to Expect

To the left we have common mistakes made by our fellow competitors.

At our professional business we make sure you stay satisfied with our craftsmanship. Although we make sure these mistakes don't leave the shop we are human. For that reason we warranty all these mistakes that may occur for a minimum of three years.

Price Guide

Window tint cost revolves around the amount of time and labor necessary to complete the job, the material is but a mere fraction of the cost.

Labor costs are based on three aspects of the window that affect timing and detail of the work to acheive good quailty labor; The windows shape, the size of the window, as well as how accesable the window is from the outside and inside.

Complete Window Tint*

Coupes/ Sedans: $170-$250

Station Wagons: $220-$260

Crossovers/ SUVs: $180-$280

Trucks: $120-$200

*Using our three year warranty film from American Standard Window Film.




The standard in window films. Lifetime warranty dyed film with the latest color-stable technology that ensures no fading occurs. Protects you, your belongings, and your interior from ultraviolet and infrared rays by absorbing the heat and stopping it from passing through the glass.

The Best



Only the best with the lifetime warranty ceramic film. With the advancing of nanotechnology you get the best ultraviolet and infrared ray protection film has to offer and a high quality material that gives you a clear view from the inside looking out.

Before & After

Removing and replacing damaged film.

If you plan on keep your car for a while (5+ years) don't go for the cheap tint that'll end up breaking down and bubbling. It'll cost more in the long run.


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